Only Child How to Survive Being One

Jill Pitkeathley and David Emerson interview 60 only children on their experiences of growing up as an only child in this definitive book

Jill Pitkeathley & Ann Richardson speak to Jenni Murray on
BBC Radio 4

Woman's Hour 2006

Ann Richardson joins
Sheila McClennon on
BBC Radio 4

Woman's Hour 2009



Being An Only
A Unique Inheritance

6 one-to-one sessions
Psychotherapist Ann Richardson

The only child inheritance is genetically unique.
What might this mean for you?

If you would like to explore what impact your experience has had on you and how it might help you discover your unique inheritance, please contact me

Ann Richardson
6 one-to-one Skype sessions

If you ask someone who grew up as an only child if they have often talked about the experience, they’ll most probably say no, and anyway it wasn’t a problem, so it never occurred to them to talk about it!

Problem or no problem, there's plenty to say.

I hope you enjoy trawling these pages for things that resonnate with you. If you would like to get in touch with me to work on your life experiences through the medium of Skype, please email.

Ann Richardson

BBC Radio 4
Woman's Hour 2009

Woman's Hour 2006





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