FaceBook BeingAnOnly Community

Be a pioneer and join the growing network, dare we say 'surrogate family' of onlies worldwide. It's easy. It's brand new!

We know that when onlies get together and swap notes, it's a good experience.

Whether you are an adult only or the parent of one child, you can be in touch with others through the new FaceBook BeingAnOnly Community.

What can I do on FaceBook BeingAnOnly?
swap notes on your experience of growing up as an only
how it is to be in relationships as an only
caring for elderly parents
being orphaned
being an adopted only
parenting an only child
write book reviews
arrange to get together

How secure is it?
The brand new FaceBook BeingAnOnly Community is a closed group. This means that the Administrator - a human being - has to accept you to the group. Hopefully this will deter mass spamming.

Because it is a closed group, the conversation will only be visible and possible between members.

Non members can see who is in the group but have no other access.

No computer?
Even if you don't have a computer of your own, you can always log in to the FaceBook BeingAnOnly Community at an internet cafe or your local library. It's easy and by far the liveliest way to be in touch. There are other members online, who you can ask for technical guidance too.

Where are you?
Wherever you are in the world, the UK, US, Europe, South America, Africa, the Far East or Australia, you can join.

How much is it to join?
It's free.

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FaceBook BeingAnOnly Community


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